Financial data analysis

Our people have a background at large investment banks and have extensive experience with financial data analyses. 

Examples of assignments which we are involved in are
-  Historical profitability analyses
-  Capital structure analyses
-  Cashflow analysis, including assessing the impact of COVID-19
-  Financial ratio analysis (e.g. for covenant testing)
-  Detailed like-for-like analysis
-  Vendor analysis (in preparation of vendor tendering)

KAVERE has recently been engaged by management teams, (majority) shareholders, private equity / investors with regard to the following types of projects:
-  Bank requests for a detailed cash flow forecast (three year forecast on a monthly basis)
-  Preparation for a banker’s meeting
-  Providing shareholders with a clear yield development of their investment in the respective company
-  After three consecutive years of more than 50% growth p.a. delivering insights on cost control and cost rationalizations
-  Profit optimization for a Private Equity investor of one of their portfolio companies, before a sales process is initiated to maximize equity value
-  Providing a monthly forward-looking liquidity analysis for an investor to promptly make a decision on new additional investments

-  References can be provided upon request